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Here at LearnMyShot.com, we are always looking for writers and photographers to share experiences, tips, photography projects, reviews and more in the form of Guest Posts. If you are interested in writing a guest post, please contact us with your suggestions and we will get in touch about publishing your work!

Why guest post for LearnMyShot?

By guest posting for LearnMyShot.com, you will…

  • have you work viewed by over 50,000 monthly visitors
  • make a name for yourself within our thriving community through which you can reach out to other users, make connections, and share your knowledge
  • increase your searchability and traffic to your website, blog, or profile (we will always include your links)
  • have your work promoted to the photography world through our social media outlets

Anyone can do it! We are looking for experienced photographers and educators of all types to share their knowledge with our members.We want you to guest post, if….

  • you have a story to share about a photography experience
  • you’ve tested a new product that you would like to share a review for
  • you have a photography project that you want to share with the world
  • you want to share photography tips or a tutorial
  • you’ve taken an excellent photo, and want to let the community know how you did it

Prefer video? Fantastic! Send us your photography video, and our staff writer will write an article to accompany it. We will syndicate posting to our YouTube channel which has over 70k subscribers and over 4 million views.  Feel free to use your own YouTube or Vimeo channel; we will feature it in the post, directing traffic to you in return for your contribution.

How to guest post for LearnMyShot:
  1. Email us with either a proposal, or a draft of your submission, via contact us page.
  2. Provide at 3-10 original images (if possible) to accompany your article, to illustrate your writing (or video) and show off your skills.
  3. Provide any relevant links to your personal website, blog, profile, or Flickr, along with a brief author biography so we can introduce you to our readers and bring you new friends and followers.

We will be in touch with any suggestions we have for additional edits or ideas. We’ll keep you updated with the status of your post, and let you know if and when it will go live to the blog. We look forward to publishing and sharing the work of our members, and hope that you’ll get involved!

To inquire about writing for LearnMyShot.com, please contact us here