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Along with the provision of photography tutorials on a range of subjects, LearnMyShot also regularly posts in-depth reviews of cameras, books, eBooks, as well as various types of gear and equipment.

If you would like to send something to LearnMyShot for review, you can contact us about the possibility. Please note that LearnMyShot is not obligated to carry out reviews, or provide strictly positive feedback – if you would prefer to promote your product directly on our site, you might want to consider advertising options (LearnMyShot provides advertisers with banner space, product placement, and contest sponsorships).

We are always delighted to read new books and test new products to give thorough reviews of our experience, show off special features of products in technical detail, and share these reviews with our thriving community: photographers in various stages of experience, all with a common passion for learning and taking pictures. is viewed by over 50,000 monthly visitors, with robust social networks on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. We pride ourselves in sharing our informative reviews with all of our members, visitors, friends, and followers.

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